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Makeruna! Makendou 1&2 負けるな!魔剣道


Makeruna! Makendou 負けるな!魔剣道


A girls high school student who is good at kendo is supposed to go out of youkai at the request of youkai detective Doro, a character's comical action. Because the hero is on the way to school, even if it clears the whole thing unless it exceeds the school gate by the start time, it becomes late.


Makeruna! Makendou

負けるマケルなナ! 魔マ剣道ケンドウ


データム・ポリスター / Datam Polystar

SHVC-M7 / 1993-01-22

Action / Beat 'em Up



Makeruna! Makendou 2: Kimero Youkai Souri 負けるな!魔剣道2 決めろ!妖怪総理大臣


A cute little girl is playing a bad youkai, a fun game full of gags. The protagonist of the previous work The younger sister of Ken Kaneo, the story mode of the hero, and the opponent mode in which you can choose your favorite character from the 8 characters are prepared.


Makeruna! Makendou 2: Kimero Youkai Souri

負けるマケルなナ! 魔マ剣道ケンドウ2 決めろキメロ! 妖怪ヨウカイ総理ソウリ大臣ダイジン

負けるな!魔剣道2 決めろ!妖怪総理大臣

データム・ポリスター/ Datam Polystar

SHVC-AM2J-JPN / 1995-03-17

Fighting / Hand To Hand


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