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SFC Photo Shoots スーパーファミコン

Super Famicom スーパーファミコン

The Super Famicom is the original version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, released in 1990. Though it is often said to be the Japanese version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, it is not only released in Japan, but also other areas such as European countries. Later a cheaper and smaller version was released, comparable to the Sega Mega Drive II, titled the Super Famicom Jr.






The controllers are comparable to those of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The main difference is that the four main buttons are colored differently. Two of the four main buttons are not indented like the western versions. The Super Famicom control also has a Super Famicom logo on it, as apposed to the SNES logo.



Hagane 鋼ハガネ .  


A unique world is drawn by the Mr. Keita Amemiya active in special effects cinema, cyborg ninja wages a hard battle. Actions such as four types of weapons of proper use and sliding and backflip, slug all 5 stage by making full use of all of the special attacks.


Developer(s): Hudson, CAProduction

Publisher(s): Hudson, Red

Release Date: 18 Nov, 1994

Genres: Action

Country: JP









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