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DoReMi Fantasy | Guide Part II


DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure ドレミファンタジー ミロンのドキドキ大冒険 is a platform game developed and published by Hudson Soft for the Super Famicom. The game is a sequel to the 1988 NES game, Milon's Secret Castle, and was released exclusively in Japan on March 22, 1996.


World 5: Ice World


The stones in front of you will break when you step on them, so hurry to the right and shoot the blocks for a double outfit and big note, and note the star here as you fall down. Use the spring to break through the blocks and kill the rabbits, but stay on the ground. Up ahead is a penguin enemy that throws snowballs. Wait for it to attack and kill it, then kill the patrolling snowman after it. A spiked section comes up next but just wait for the platform here to take you right. Here, you will use your new "create platform" power and shoot the twinkles on the right to MAKE blocks appear!




World 6: Fire Peak


Watch out for the gaps in the bridge and break the blocks for an outfit. A hedgehog will be past here; he dashes along the ground. Avoid him and kill him when he's not dashing. Now it's time to practice our ladder! See the ledge above you? Press up + A to make notes appear and climb up to it (these notes stay on the screen if they connect to a ledge but disappear if they don't). Climb up and kill the caveman. We're going to take the upper path now (if you want an outfit really bad, continue on the lower path and watch out for the egg and fire-shooting lizard in it and destroy the blocks you come to, but come back to this ledge).


Time for our hardest fight yet! You're facing off against the Sun at first, which has its own set of moves but will occasionally turn into the Moon, which has ITS own set of moves. Both float out of your reach and thusly you MUST know their moveset to stand any chance. They also both occasionally dip down into the screen (making a "U" shape). Read up on their moves below, learn to dodge them, and keep hurting them to come out on top.




World 7: Toy Town


Head forward and note the drum-thingy. This is a jack-in-the-box (that I'll just likely call drums) and they can pop up and even throw out bombs. Head on and take them out and you'll see a plane making circles. You can kill it too if you wish. Jump into the cannon you find and go straight up. Up here we can go a number of ways. Stay down and head left. Kill the foes you find and get into the cannon you see. Use it to shoot to the UPPER LEFT and you'll be at another cannon. Go straight up with this cannon and watch out for the two drums. Head right now and jump over the gap you find (one of the other ways you could have come up) and kill the enemies you find to the right. You'll find the .: STAR :. over here. There's a uniform in the blocks as well.

Head back and jump into the cannon you passed. Shoot to the upper left. Walk a bit left and find another cannon. Shoot to the upper right now. Now head left a bit and shoot to the upper right again. Kill the plane and drum you find and exit to the right to finish the level.





World 8: Amon's Castle


Take out the knight you meet quickly. They like to run and can jump forward while swinging their sword. Very dangerous. The blocks after that have an outfit and bubblegum in them. Head forward and kill the ghost you find while noting the cloud is a trampoline. You'll have to use stone hands to continue. The first set moves (don't hit the head in the middle) and the next ones act like a scale. Continue on and the next hand FLINGS you forward. Get to the next set of hands and carry on watching out for ghosts. Continue on and keep using the hands to reach the far right where you'll go to another screen.




Just like Gawa said, there are two forms to this fight. Let's handle one at a time, eh?



Now THIS is a weird form. It's pretty much a warm-up to, but can still kill you if you don't know what you're doing. His biggest threat is his movement, as his two "attacks" are laughable. But he can do short little hops and can jump all the way across the screen. If he catches you in a corner when he jumps across the screen, go into the corner and duck. Otherwise, spend your time in the middle of the screen, watch out for the attacks below, and keep pelting him to bring out the REAL form...


 - Frog Drop: He will move slowly across the upper screen and if you go underneath him, he'll drop down. You can easily run under him to make him miss every time. You can keep pelting him with bubble too!


 - Frog Punch: He will stand in place for a bit and shake, then he'll punch ACROSS the screen on whatever side you are on. Simply duck to avoid this attack.   

 After beating up on him, a scene will take place, complete with background change and everything. Time to take on the REAL form:




Real Amon is pretty much a wizard. He (She? I'm gonna keep saying 'He') will float in the air. Movement isn't as bad here, but he CAN swoop down and do the 'U' shape. Also, you CAN hurt him while he float, as he's just big enough that you can jump and hurt his foot. That's right people, we will HURT HIS FEET TO DEATH!

We can pretty much hurt him any time we wish, except during some of his attacks. The key to winning this battle is endurance: we must know how to avoid his attacks and just keep hurting him (he has a LOT of HP). Check the strategies for the attacks below and keep it up. You got this!

 - Homing Energy: This attack involves Amon sending an energy ball after you that homes in on you. It's rather slow though, and makes sloppy turns, so we can use it to our advantage. In fact, you can run UNDER it when you see it (it will always be above you when it comes out) and it will try to loop down to get you. You can then jump over it and just keep that circle pattern up to avoid getting hit. Later on in the fight it can do TWO balls at a time which makes avoiding them harder. You want to make them come down to you if he does this, THEN do the circle strategy.

 - Invisible Spin/Laser Beam: Amon turns well, mostly invisible and starts spazzing out around the screen. You can pretty much chill out in a corner when he does that. He'll than either stop at the left or right and shoot a beam down and make it follow the floor. Get on the other side of the screen and jump to have the beam miss you.


The credits will roll after you beat the boss, and you get a quick summation of what happens afterwards. Watch them and enjoy. And congrats on beating Do-Re-Mi Fantasy: Milon's Quest!  

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