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DoReMi Fantasy | Guide Part I



DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure ドレミファンタジー ミロンのドキドキ大冒険 is a platform game developed and published by Hudson Soft for the Super Famicom. The game is a sequel to the 1988 NES game, Milon's Secret Castle, and was released exclusively in Japan on March 22, 1996.



Do-Re-Mi Fantasy - Milon no Dokidoki Daibouken

ドレミファンタジー ミロン のノドキドキ大(ダイ)冒険(ボウケン)



Developer(s) Hudson Soft | Publisher(s) Hudson Soft (Super Famicom) | Director(s)  Yukiko Mikami Producer(s) Shigeki Fujiwara,

Takeshi Sawaguchi Designer(s) Tadayuki Kawada, Koji Innami Programmer(s) Yasuhiro Kosaka, Atsuo Nagata, Tetsuharu Takashima 

Composer(s) Jun Chikuma Release date(s) JP: March 22, 1996 Genre(s) Platformer Mode(s) Single player





Milon, a young boy, heads in a mission to restore the music from the forest of his hometown and rescue his friend, the fairy Alis, from an evil wizard known as Amon, who is also responsible for the music's disappearance. To do this, he must collect a series of magic instruments that are being held by Amon's strongest minions. However, said instruments have had their power locked away after Amon corrupted them, so Milon must also collect stars to purify the instruments.


World 1: Journey Forest  


Time to do this. This world is super-easy, so get used to your controls here. Note that there is NO time limit. Grab the notes and move forward to see a group of block. There's a uniform inside, so you can see what it's like to get two more units of health. Further on you'll see plant enemies. Try capturing one in a bubble. You can now touch the bubble to make it fly offscreen. Notice how it hits the enemy above and takes them both out. Continue on to see another shrub enemy. Try jumping on his head. This will just phase him, so get off (you'll get hurt if you stay on his head and he wakes up). Continue on until you come to some spikes with a bird. Look past the bird and you'll see a double-cleft. These are worth 10 music notes, so jump on his head and use him as a platform to reach it.

Head onward and shoot the next block for a BOWLING BALL. You can throw this to kill the shrubs in front of you. Continue on past another spike pit to a spring. Use this (walk into it) to break the rock wall in front of you and keep running to kill two more shrubs. You've reached the end of the level. 





World 2 : Candy World


Here you'll see a candle enemy. This guy turns his flame on and off when he pleases, and you can only kill him when his flame is off. Continue past the pits until you come to some rotating spikes. Get past the first one and run under the second one. The upside-down party hats here bounce you upwards. Continue to an area FILLED with blocks. There are notes and an outfit here, as well as another candle and a jack-o-lantern enemy who throws pumpkin heads at you (I'll call him Jack from now on).





 World 3 : Concert Hall


Well, we're in a music world now. The statue ahead can be stepped on. Keep going and watch out for flying sheet music! Kill the sheet music off! Past a gap further on you'll see some blocks with an outfit in them and a movable block. We don't HAVE to use it as to the right you'll see some blocks you can use to jump up, but if you destroy said blocks and release the enemy you HAVE to use the movable blocks. To the right of that you'll see a drum.

This drum is a trampoline. Try it out: just stand on it for a second. Further up you can head left or right. Left leads back to the start but you CAN get a RANGE BUBBLE POWERUP if you need it in some blocks. Head left and you'll see spikes and platforms. These platforms will flip you downward if you JUMP on them, so either jump quick or use the real blocks to walk on them. Head left and you'll see the .: STAR :. of this level under one of these platforms, so drop down and get it. From here you can get another OUTFIT in the blocks to the lower right. To the FAR lower right is a FALSE EXIT, so get back up to the top (use the movable block if you need to) and proceed past where you got the star. You'll find a real door here, so use the block to get up to it.





World 4 : Fairy Village


Head forward and nab the notes, but be careful of the new enemy you'll see: a pink little ogre thing. He throws spears that travel straight, but drop after a bit. Jump over the spears and kill them. The acorns by the water have an outfit in the, by the way. You'll soon be forced into some water, just to try out your swimming skills. Here there are three new enemies to avoid: the floating yellow ogre, the fish, and down by the outfit are some small spikey green balls! Note how you can still shoot underwater and then note the star down here that we can't get to yet!

Grab the outfit if you wish then head up and right. NOW you can go down andleft to get the .: STAR :.. Head back and continue right now (there's an area above you with obvious blocks of acorns and notes, but we can't reach it right now). You'll come to a river of sorts and you can either follow it to the right and watch out for birds or use the clouds above to travel while getting notes. If you use the clouds, note that you'll fall THROUGH them unless you jump quickly! At the rivers end you'll HAVE to jump on some clouds so be QUICK as it is death if you miss! The acorns at the end have some bubblegum in them.

Further on some water will fall out of a log. Drop down the hold and hug the left side, but don't let the water sweep you down! You'll find a RANGE powerup and an outfit in the acorn, as well as a 1-UP up above. Continue on to a lake (that has ANOTHER outfit in the acorns below the water) and kill the fish. Dodge the next log with water and use the water spout to head up. The second little area with a second water spot has some Fluffy Shoes at the bottom, and you can take it up and float to the left to find an area FULL of notes. Grab them all and head back out. The exit is a short way to the right past another log with water, so time your jump and finish the level.




So far the first part with the first four worlds of this wonderful adventure. Thanks to the support of Blitz Knight Stunt for also contributing part of the text on this guide. These days the last part of this guide. 

Enjoy the page and discover more games of Super Famicom. You can see more complete guides in My Youtube Channel


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