Air Management 2 - Koukuu Ou wo Mezase (1993)

Strategy | SHVC-AG

Game Info

  • Developer(s): Koei
  • Publisher(s): Koei
  • Release Date: 02 Apr, 1993
  • Genres: Strategy
  • Country: JP
  • Product ID: SHVC-AG


Air Management 2 - Koukuu Ou wo Mezase

エアーマネジメントII 航空コウクウ王オウをヲめざせメザセ

エアーマネジメントII 航空王をめざせ

光栄 / Koei


The second part of the simulation game on the theme of the air passenger industry. The city that was 22 in the previous work has doubled to 89 times in a stroke, and a more advanced corporate strategy became necessary. In addition, the number of scenarios is also four, it has become possible to enjoy the game for a long time.

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