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Star Fox 2 スターフォックス2

Is a rail shooter video game originally intended for release on the Super Famicom. Jointly developed by Nintendo and Argonaut Games, the game was canceled shortly before its planned release in 1995. It was to be the second of the Star Fox series and the direct sequel to Star Fox (1993). The game remained unreleased until 2017 when Nintendo announced they would release the game on their Super Famicom Classic Edition micro-console in October.

Nintendo canceled the original release of Star Fox 2 due to the impending release of the Nintendo 64, the desire to use the most advanced system available for a new Star Fox game, and competition changing expectations of 3D games. Despite its cancellation, various Japanese prototype ROM images have been leaked online. In 2015, original programmer Dylan Cuthbert announced he possessed a fully mastered ROM image, but he could not release it for legal reasons. While originally no official English version of the ROM image existed, an unofficial fan translation patch was released to work with the newest version of the leaked prototype images.

Star Fox 2's game plot continues the battle against Emperor Andross who seeks to conquer the Lylat system, with the Star Fox team assembled once again to defeat him. The game introduces a new semi-real time gameplay system, featuring new ship types and two new Star Fox team members. It also features a more advanced 3D game engine due to a new improved version of the Super FX powered GSU-2 chip.

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